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Jules Reichel
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Articles by Jules Reichel
Additional Quest Articles

The URF is sad to announce that after a valiant three-year fight, Jules Reichel, dedicated URF Board member and committed columnist for QUEST died May 12, 2009 of metastatic bladder cancer. His articles contain valuable information and perspective and, therefore, we will keep them available on the website.

The Controversial Issue of Treating Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Part 1: An Initial Discussion

Recurrence is Not Always Life Threatening

One Man to Another:
Information About Me That I Haven't Shared: Why This Article Is So Different

Clinical Trials:
Sometimes Good, Sometimes Not: A Very Difficult Decision

One Man to Another
Drug Therapies for Advanced Disease: A Positive View

Watchful Waiting: Seldom a Good Treatment Option

The Controversial Topic of Nutrition and Supplements

Surgery Plus Radiation When Required: Is It the Best Choice?

One Man to Another
Surgery plus radiation when required offers an almost universal approach for the PSA era
(The precedent-setting study of Dr. Michael Bolla)

One Man to Another
The Pathology Point of View
(Patient, Know Thy Tumor)

One Man to Another
New-Era Of Treatment vs. PSA-Era
(Our best chance at humane cure)

One Man to Another
A New Treatment Era: Better Outcomes for Prostate Cancer
(It's Not Your Old Meat and Potatoes)

One Man to Another
New Practices + Improved Techniques = Better Outcomes

One Man to Another
Where We Stand In Trying To Be “Cured”

(Is 98% rate of non-recurrence a realistic goal?)

One Man to Another
Revolution in Screening for Prostate Cancer

(Better to detect it early and not have a recurrence)

One Man to Another:
Goldilocks and Prostate Cancer

One Man to Another
It's In the Numbers

One Man to Another
Statistics and Prognosis

One Man to Another
Medical Specifications of Prostate Cancer

One Man to Another
Emotions, Issues and Facts


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Additional Quest Articles

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