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What is Prostate Cancer
What is Prostate Cancer?

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Ask the Doctor
Ask the Doctor

Q & A - Prostate Cancer

The Q&A's are never to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of your case. Always seek the advice of your physician(s) with any questions you may have regarding you medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this site.

The questions and answers are divided into three sections:

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If the current Q&A’s do not answer your question, please submit a question.

Clicking on the questions below will provide you with the corresponding answer. Dr. Catalona has answered all questions.


Recent Questions
All questions are answered by Dr. William J. Catalona.

© Warren Lawson Pausing for a moment provides an opportunity to consider the best oprions for your treatment.
1.  I have been waking up four times a night, and because I am up I go to the bathroom. Most times it seems I wake up with no great urge, but because of anxiety, the urge escalates. Sometimes I just go back to sleep and wake up an hour or two later. Is this common?
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2.  I have issues caused by enlarged prostate. Would you recommend removing the prostate for those reasons alone versus for the presence of cancer? If so, would I be a candidate for your "nerve sparing" procedure?
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3.  I am 58 years old and have a history of chronic prostatitis. My annual PSAs usually are less than 1.5, but after an episode of prostatitis it spiked to 6.1 and then came down to 4.9. Should I take a course of antibiotics?
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4.  How long should I wait after a prostate biopsy to have sex?
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5.  With the prostate removed as a result of prostate cancer, will having sexual intercourse less than 48 hours prior to a blood test affect the PSA results?
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6.  My last prostate biopsy was painful. Is this common? Also, after biopsy, I have difficultly having an erection and I have a double urine stream. Would another biopsy make these problems worse?
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7.  If prostate cancer in older men is more often the fast-growing type, do you recommend older men have a biopsy sooner?
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8.  Does salvage radiotherapy treat the cancerous cells possibly left on the nerves during the nerve sparing surgery?
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9.  Does an “indeterminate lesion” on MRI mean you can't see the end/edge of the lesion? If so, is that due to hip prosthesis or the lesion itself?
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10.  Is there a strong correlation between PSA levels one month after surgery and cancer at the margins? Can my 0.03 PSA a month after my radical retropubic prostatectomy be consistent with a positive margin of 6mm?
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11.  Fifteen years after my prostate cancer operation, my PSA has risen to 12.2. Is this figure dangerous, and what should I do?
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