WGN News Features PHI Test

The Prostate Health Index (PHI) test is now available at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, offering patients a new option for detecting prostate cancer. In February, WGN News highlighted the PHI test and interviewed Dr. Catalona in a story entitled “New test means new way to fight prostate cancer.”

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Alert: New Concerns Revealed about Robotic Surgery

FDA Surveying Hospitals and Surgeons about Robotic Surgery Complications

The FDA is investigating the safety of surgical robots used in many US hospitals for surgery. By surveying surgeons at key hospitals, the government agency seeks to determine if the rise in incidents, including deaths, reported to the FDA result from the robots or from other issues.

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Growing Concerns About Surgical Robots

A CNBC Investigations, Inc. review reveals a rise in lawsuits and complaints about injuries after da Vinci surgical robot procedures.

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