Reasons why more and more people switch from buying medicines offline to online pharmacies. Are there any risks of ordering medicines online? Let’s find the answers together.

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Reasons to Order Drugs Online. Why Is an Online Pharmacy Better?

About a third of people who buy medicines do this online. With the flourishing of the pandemic, the number of those choosing an online pharmacy has grown significantly. This is explained by various factors, including lockdown and the threat of catching the virus in a public place like a pharmacy. However, even before all those tremendous changes, the pandemic has brought to our lives, online pharmacies have already been common.
Statistics say that the particle of men and women buying medicines online is identical. As for the age of the customers, people aged 35 – 44 are buying online most often. The second place goes to the customers aged 45 – 54 with 25 – 34-year-olds taking the third place with only 1% behind the second place. So what have all these people found in buying medicines online? Let’s figure it out!

Why Buy Medicines Online?

The reasons people choose to order from an online pharmacy instead of buying drugs offline are very different and cover different aspects of life. We’ll concentrate on the most common ones to give you a better understanding of their choice. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to become one of those ordering medicines online.

It Saves Your Time

To order medicines on the Internet, you need just a couple of minutes and several mouse clicks. You can fill the order form from your PC or smartphone, so you don’t have to find extra time to go to the pharmacist: it’s always in your pocket. This is very convenient, especially for people who are always on the go and have little time to take care of their medications refills.

It’s Convenient

Due to online pharmacies, there’s no need to leave home or spend your lunch break at the pharmacist. You can place an order at any convenient time of the day or night. A lot of online pharmacies offer round-the-clock customer support service, so you can clarify the details about the medication you’d like to purchase, the delivery, or payment via an online chat or by phone.

You Can Consult a Pharmacist Remotely

Licensed online pharmacies that follow legal regulations provide their customers with the possibility of getting an online consultation with a pharmacist. This may be done in the form of a questionnaire, where you’ll have to give answers regarding your symptoms, diagnosis (if you have one), allergies, and other things that may play a role in your treatment. Another way you can consult a pharmacist is via online chat/video chat.
What if there’s no such a service on the website you are going to buy from? Based on the US legal regulations for online pharmacies, every licensed pharmacy should provide an opportunity for remote consultation with a pharmacist. This service is typically available during working hours only. In case you can’t talk to a pharmacist, you are probably dealing with an illegal pharmacy. What should you do in such a case? You should better refuse a purchase and look for a licensed drug supplier.

You Don’t Put Your Health at Risk

Online purchases minimize your contact with other people. Catching the infection while having other health problems is the worst thing that might happen. So, in the current situation, this is one of the strongest arguments in favor of buying medicines from an online pharmacy.

Affordable Prices

Pharmacies working on the Internet have lower operational expenses compared to those working offline. This allows them to make lower markup on the medicines they sell, making them cheaper for the customers.
Ordering medicines from licensed online pharmacies, their price can be covered by your health insurance plan. However, you should better specify the list of pharmacies your insurance company works with to know for sure.

OTC or Prescription? Doesn’t Matter

Licensed online drug suppliers offer both prescription and over-the-counter medicines. To be able to order a prescription medication, you need to have a valid receipt from your doctor. In the United States, it is illegal to buy controlled substances and prescription medications without a receipt.
Online pharmacies that don’t require you to provide a prescription are fraudulent, and no one can prove they sell safe and effective medications. Despite the perspective of buying a controlled substance over-the-counter may sound seducing, you’d better avoid such purchases for one’s sake.

Summing up

Online pharmacies offer lots of opportunities you usually don’t have when buying at a brick-and-mortar drugstore. Of course, online purchases need you to be more attentive to the details like licensing and medicines quality, but once you find an online pharmacy you can trust, all those worries will be left behind.

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