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Herbal Medicine Safety Concerns for Patients with Cancer

 The study authors provided a questionnaire to oncology health care professionals in the Middle East and identified 44 herbal and 3 non-herbal nutritional supplements in use by patients with cancer. The study reviewed the herbal products to assess potential negative…

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Improving Detection with MRI- Ultrasound Fusion Targeted Biopsies

An important new study found that for men having prostate biopsies, MRI-ultrasound fusion targeted biopsies could improve detection of clinically significant prostate cancer. An MR-fusion prostate biopsy combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound imaging to target more suspicious lesions…

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Radical Prostatectomy Associated with Better Survival Odds

The researchers’ analysis included 19 studies that pooled data on up to 118,830 patients. For overall cause of death, the adjusted hazard ratio for patients treated with radiation versus surgery was 1.63. For prostate cancer-specific death, the adjusted hazard ratio…

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PHI as a Better Prognostic Test for African-American Men

Researchers at Johns Hopkins assessed PHI values in 80 African- American patients with PSA values of 2-10 ng/ml prior to their radical prostatectomies. Twenty percent of the men had pathological stage 3 (pT3) prostate cancers. Although age, PSA and percentage-free…

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