QUEST informs readers of the latest advances in urologic prostate cancer research, especially detection, prevention, and treatment.

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Explaining PSA Testing

Unlike many other malignancies, symptoms are uncommon early in the course of prostate cancer. Instead, symptoms such as bone pain or obstructive or irritating urinary symptoms typically do not occur until the disease is advanced and/or incurable. Accordingly, efforts are…

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Robotic Prostatectomy: The Emperor’s New Clothes?

I believe treatment of prostate cancer by removal of the prostate with robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery could set back by years some of the gains that have been achieved in the successful treatment of prostate cancer. The surgical technique, also referred…

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AUA Reaffirms Strong Support of PSA Testing

  The American Urological Association (AUA) is aware of recent news reports disparaging prostate cancer testing. We are concerned that these reports are causing significant confusion for patients and we wish to clarify our recommendations on prostate cancer testing with…

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