QUEST informs readers of the latest advances in urologic prostate cancer research, especially detection, prevention, and treatment.

Long-Term Consequences of Finasteride versus Placebo

  Research efforts continue to assess the effectiveness and safety of finasteride, a drug used to treat hair loss in men (Propecia or generics) or enlarged prostate (Proscar or generics). Enlarged prostate is also known as benign prostatic hyperplastic, or…

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Ralph Wozniak, an Engineer for Life

Ralph and Janet Wozniak married in 1965 when they were 21 and 20 years old, respectively. After graduating from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a degree in chemical engineering, Ralph took a position at Universal Oil Products (UOP), a…

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ADT Type, Duration and the Risk of Diabetes

Arecent study investigated the association between the types and duration of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT, or hormone therapy) and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Researchers used data from the Prostate Cancer database Sweden and compared diabetes risk in 34,031…

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Saturated Fat Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

The study used data on 1,854 men diagnosed with prostate cancer between 2004 and 2009, including 321 (17%) with highly aggressive cancer. The participants were part of a larger study called the North Carolina-Louisiana Prostate Cancer Project. Men in the…

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