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A Message From Dr. Catalona

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photo by Cissy Lacks 

During 2014, my colleagues and I have worked enthusiastically to maintain our highly collaborative prostate cancer research program that involves research collaborators from across the country and around the world. Some of our past accomplishments and new initiatives have been mentioned in this and past issues of QUEST. Our collaborations continue to advance our fundamental knowledge of prostate cancer. They also attract physicians and researchers of the highest caliber to our program that continues to advance our mission of improving patient education and reducing suffering and death from prostate cancer.

This year we have submitted several new grant applications to the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense to help fund our program. However, we also need philanthropic funds to keep our program viable during the present times of effectively decreased government support. Our Board members and supporters have contributed immeasurably to our ability to remain at the cutting edge of research and contribute to advances in the field.

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A greater understanding of prostate cancer will lead researchers further on the road to reducing suffering and death from the disease. photo by Darrin Gaul

Please consider making an end- of-year contribution to the Urological Research Foundation. Please be as generous as you can. Your contribution will help sustain our efforts to improve the options for patients and their families. With your support, our studies will help create a better future for us, our children, and our grandchildren.

Sincerely yours,
William J. Catalona, Medical Director of the URF

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