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Dr. Catalona and the URF appreciate and need your support for their livesaving mission to support research and patient education in prostate cancer. Please consider a generous tax-deductible donation.

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If you are making a general donation to the URF, you do not need to fill in the information below. Instead, proceed to make the donation by hitting the Donate button.

If you would like this donation for the URF to be in memory of or in honor of someone, please include the following information and then proceed to make the donation.

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After the information above is entered, please proceed to make the donation.

Your donations support the important research and the
educational mission of the URF. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Donations to the URF accelerate the research efforts for a prostate cancer cure.

All donations are tax deductible.

In addition to direct contributions, the URF gratefully encourages being remembered in trust funds and will allocations.

URF Board member, Bud Cappola, with Tommy Lasorda, representative for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, at the kick off Dominick’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Dominick’s and the Prostate Cancer Foundation announced a $100,000 grant to the Urological Research Foundation for Dr. Catalona’s collaborative research.

The funds and energies of the Urological Research Foundation (URF) are directed to research for the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of diseases of the prostate and most specifically, prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer causes the death of tens of thousands of men every year and terrible dysfunction and suffering for additional tens of thousands. The need for more medical progress against this disease is compellingly clear.

The vision, over 20 years ago, which led to the URF and which guides the work of the foundation to this day, is that we must support the energies, efforts and expertise of those who treat prostate cancer and those who are searching for a cure.

The Medical Director of the URF, Dr. William J. Catalona, leads one of America's premier teams of physicians and scientists in this endeavor. Providing the support to them that would accelerate the progres for both treatment of prostate cancer and the search for a cure is a primary goal of the URF.

Funds from the URF complement existing sources of grant research money. (Please see Grant Awards of Dr. William J. Catalona.)

The Board of the URF assures all donors that every available dollar is used to avoid further obstacles and delays which arise because other funds were not available to permit immediate actions.

You may send donations directly to:

Urological Research Foundation
Dr. William J. Catalona, Medical Director
PO Box 855
Manchester, MO 63011

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