The Importance of Genetic Research

For more than 25 years, research funded by the URF and directed by Dr. William Catalona has been making significant progress in the areas of early detection, treatment and cure for prostate cancer.

The information from national and international studies of families with a history of prostate cancer is the way to provide insights into the causes of prostate cancer and its possible treatments and cures.

So far, 5500 plus men have participated in Dr. Catalona’s study, making this study one of the largest in the United States.

Participate in Research Studies

You may be able to participate in one of Dr. Catalona’s current research studies. Learn more here.

The Genetics of Prostate Cancer

Research is vital to better understanding prostate cancer, which might lead to a means of detecting prostate cancer in its early stages as well as discovering new treatments.

Dr. Catalona’s study, “The Genetics of Prostate Cancer," is providing genetic insights into the causes of prostate cancer. The researchers have discovered several new regions of the human genome statistically associated with prostate cancer.

Learn more: Quest articles on Recent Progress in Genetic Research are here.

Research Awards

Dr. Catalona received the Benjamin Stockwell Barringer Medal and the William L. Keyes Medal from the American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons for his cancer research and the Gold Cystoscope Award, Hugh Hampton Young Award, Eugene Fuller Medal, and the Ramon Guiteras Award from the American Urological Association, the Florida Prostate Cancer Network Schwarzkopf Pioneer in Prostate Cancer Award, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Donald S. Coffey Physician-Scientist Award, National Prostate Cancer Coalition Golden Glove Award, New York Academy of Medicine, Ferdinand C Valentine Medal, Society of Basic Urology Research Distinguished Service Award, Castle-Connolly National Physician of the Year Award, and the Urology Care Foundation Richard D. Williams, MD Prostate Cancer Research Excellence Award.

Support the URF Research

The URF welcomes contributions to support these important programs that may, someday soon, lead to eliminating the threat of prostate cancer for all men.

In large part, progress in the areas of early detection, treatment and cure for prostate cancer has been made possible through the generous contributions of caring and concerned individuals.

Please consider a generous donation to the URF.

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