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Last night, there was blood in my urine. On occasion, there is also blood in my ejaculate. All of my adult life, I have gotten up about three to four times at night to urinate. Should I be doing something about this?

Blood in the urine or ejaculate is usually caused by fragile blood vessels in the bladder or prostate gland. The “proper” evaluation includes a tri-phasic CT scan of the abdomen to visualize the entire urinary tract, followed by a look into the bladder by passing a small flexible scope up through the urethra to rule out a stone or tumor somewhere in the urinary or genital tract. It also includes sending urine samples for infection and to look for malignant cells. Usually, the results are negative. Then, we feel reassured that the blood may be due to transient inflammation or infection.

Can I have an MRI with a pacemaker?

Some pacemakers are MRI compatible. You will need to direct this question to your cardiologist.


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