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Join our research

Recent Progress in Genetic Research

Participate in Research Studies

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Dr. Catalona, and his research staff are conducting detailed investigations of individuals with strong family histories of prostate cancer. There is no cost to participate in any of the following programs.

Here are some of the studies and programs that you can join to combat prostate cancer.

Genetics of Prostate Cancer and Prostate Cancer Control Study

Men with or without a family history of prostate cancer are invited to participate in this genetic study. You can enroll from any location in the US or the world. We will send forms and a blood kit at no cost to you. It is not necessary to come to Chicago to participate in this study.

The purposes of the study are to:

  • a. Record the family histories of men who are diagnosed at an early age with prostate cancer or who have a family history of prostate cancer.
  • b. Study men who do not have prostate cancer to compare them to men who have prostate cancer.

Click here for information on how to enroll.

Click here for more information on the studies.

PSA Follow-Up Study

The PSA Follow-Up Study is for Dr. Catalona's surgical patients from the US and around the world.

The study's purposes are to:

  • Describe the disease course of prostate cancer, particularly the aggressiveness of prostate cancer.
  • Determine the effectiveness, complications, and quality of life after radical prostatectomy and different follow-up treatments in men having a radical prostatectomy.

The study consists of an annual questionnaire that asks for updates on PSA scores, continence & potency issues, and cancer status regarding non-recurrence, recurrence, & additional treatment.

If you are a past patient of Dr. Catalona and want to participate in this study, please call or contact:
Research Coordinator, Familial Prostate Cancer Research and Screening Clinic
Phone: 312 695-4426 or 312 695-0195
Email: catalonaresearch@northwestern.edu

Click here for information on how to enroll.

Free Prostate Cancer Screenings

PSA testing at no cost offers men the opportunity to receive a free screening and allows researchers to gather data from the results to study the genetics of prostate cancer and better screening methods. After the first free screening, participating men are encouraged to visit Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for a free annual or a six-month (depending upon results) total PSA test and digital rectal examination. Participants are notified of results.

To participate in this program, please call or contact:
Research Coordinator, Familial Prostate Cancer Research and Screening Clinic
Phone: 312-695-1406
Email: catalonaresearch@northwestern.edu



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