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William J. Catalona, M.D. - Medical Director of the Urological Research Foundation


Marital Status:

Married: Janet Flenner Catalona
One Child: Alexander Paul Catalona

Medical Education: Yale Medical School, New Haven, CT 1968- M.D.
Graduate Hospital Clinical Experience:

1968-1969- Intern (Surgery), Yale-New Haven Hospital

1969-1970- Resident (Surgery), University of California, San Francisco, California

1970-1972- Clinical Associate, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland

1972-1976- Resident (Urology), Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

Academic Positions:

1976-1982- Associate Professor of Surgery (Urology), Washington University School of Medicine

1984-1998- Chief of Urologic Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine

1982-2003- Professor of Surgery (Urology), Washington University School of Medicine

2003-present-Professor of Urology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Certification: American Board of Urology, 1978

Fellow, American College of Surgeons
American Urologic Association
South Central Section, American Urologic Association
Societe Internationale D'Urologie
American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons
Clinical Society of Genitourinary Surgeons
Society of Urologic Oncology (President, 1995-96)

Awards and Honors: James Ewing Society Award for Cancer Research, 1972
Mid-Atlantic Section AUA, Resident - Award for Clinical Research,1974
Award for Clinical Research, Grayson Carroll Essay Contest, AUA, 1974
American Cancer Society Clinical Fellow, 1974- 1975
American Cancer Society Junior Faculty Fellow, 1977- 1979
C.E. Alken Award for Research in Urology, 1979
American Urological Association, Gold Cystoscope Award, 1986
American Urological Association Annual Audio- Visual Award, First Prize, 1988
American Urological Association, Hugh Hampton Young Award, 1994
The Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars, 1994
American Urological Association, Eugene Fuller Triennial Prostate Award, 1998
American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons, James Stockwell Barringer Award, 1999
Fellow, St. Louis Academy of Science, 2002
American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons, Edward L. Keyes Medal, 2003

Special Committee Appointments: Assistant Editor, Journal of Urology, 1978-1986
Editorial Board, Investigative Urology, 1980-1985
Field-Editor, World Journal of Urology
American Board of Urology Certification Examination Committee 1982-1986
Editorial Board, Advances in Urology
Member Consultant, American Urological Association
Program Committee
Editorial Board, Urological Survey Section, Journal of Urology, 1988-1992
Consultant, NIH Organ Systems Coordinating Center
Prostate Cancer Working Group
Scientific Advisory Committee, National Kidney Foundation
Medical Affairs Committee, American Cancer Society
Consulting Editor, Urology
Medical Advisory Committee, CaPCURE
Spokesperson on Prostate Cancer Screening, American Urological Association, Inc.
Co-Director (Clinical) of Prostate Cancer Program, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine
Member, National Comprehensive Cancer Network Prostate Cancer Early Detection Panel, 2003
Research Activities:

Cancer Biology Intravesical BCG Therapy for Bladder
Cancer, PSA-base Screening for Prostate Cancer, Genetics of Prostate Cancer

Grant Support:

National Institutes of Health
1977-80 Principal Investigator - Immunologic Characterization of Copenhagen Rat Prostatic Adenocarcinoma

1978-81 Principal Investigator - Suppressor Cells in Bladder Cancer Patients

1980-83 Co-Investigator - Interferon: Effect on Immunity to Bladder Tumors

1984-92 Co-Investigator - Mechanisms of Surgical Adjuvant Intravesical BCG

1986-89 Co-Investigator - Surgery and BCG in Bladder Cancer: Immunologic Effects

1992-93 Co-Investigator - Intravesical BCG for Bladder Cancer: Role of Fibronectin

1992-96 Principal Investigator - Special Project on Research Excellence - Prostate Cancer

1993-97 Co-Investigator - Intravesical BCG for Bladder Cancer: role of Fibronectin

Biogen Company
1985-89 Principal Investigator - Comparison of Immuneron With Depo Provera In Patients With Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

Adria Laboratories
1989-91 Principal Investigator - Combination Doxorubicin and BCG In The Treatment of Bladder Cancer

American Cancer Society
1992-93 Principal Investigator - American Cancer Society Clinical Oncology Fellowship Award

1993-94 Principal Investigator - American Cancer Society Clinical Oncology Fellowship Award

1994-95 Principal Investigator - American Cancer Society Clinical Oncology Fellowship Award

United States Army Medical Research and Material Command
1999-02 Co-Investigator - An LOH Study of Chromosome 8 in Multiplex Prostate Cancer Sibships

Hybritech Incorporated
1989-present Principal Investigator - Prostate Specific Antigen Screening For Prostate Cancer

1994-present Principal Investigator - Establishment of Prostate Cancer Tissue Bank

Harvard/NIH Subcontract
1997-98 - Prinicipal Investigator - Dietary and Biochemical Markers of Prostate Cancer Risk

1998-2000 - Principal Investigator - Patient Preferences for Outcomes Associated with Surgical Management of Prostate Cancer

Boehinger Mannheim Corp.
1998 - Principal Investigator - Determination of Elecsys Total and Free PSA Levels

1998-1999 Principal Investigator - Cyclooygenase Inhibitors in Prostate Cancer: Phase I

1998-2000 A Multi-Center Clinical Evaluation of the CaverMap Surgical Aid for us During Radical Prostatectomy

Pfizer, Inc.
1998 Principal Investigator - A Study to Evaluate the Impact of Viagra on Treatment Satisfaction

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