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SYMPTOMS OF PROSTATE CANCER: What are the symptoms for prostate cancer?

Usually, prostate cancer does not produce symptoms by itself until it is fairly advanced. Prostate cancer arises silently and usually passes through a curable stage into an incurable stage silently. Therefore, the only means of detecting it when it is curable is to actively look for it with screening. Symptoms could include urinary difficulties (slow stream, getting up at night to urinate, urinary frequency); however, these symptoms are usually caused by benign enlargement of the prostate. However, these symptoms are usually caused by urinary obstruction from benign prostatic enlargement,scar tissue or from inflammation. Bone pain occurs in very advanced prostate cancer, but the aches and pains that most people experience are usually caused by arthritis.

Prostate Volume and Weight: Does an estimated prostate weight of 150 grams mean that the prostate is about 150cc in volume?

Yes, the density of the prostate gland is approximately 1 gram per 1 milliliter (1 cubic centimeter) of volume. So, grams and cc or cm3 or ml are interchangable.

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