A Novel Approach to Catheter Care

Categories: Winter 2014
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Dr. Ashima Singal.

Post-surgical catheters are an annoying but temporary necessity. A patient shared an innovative technique for keeping his catheter in place during a post- operative visit with Dr. Catalona that I observed.

The patient was very active professionally and recreationally. He was frustrated that his catheter seemed to move when he walked up stairs and played golf. He tried everything from bike shorts to ace bandages to prevent the catheter from moving. Nothing seemed to work.

At his wits end, he sought out a solution from an untraditional source – the women’s hosiery section at his local mall. He found a type of support hosiery called Spanx which functions similarly to a modern day corset. The high-riding crotch kept his catheter in place.

For some men, a catheter strap is sufficient. But if you find the movement of your catheter to be uncomfortable, Spanx may be a worthwhile investment for you.

The patient recommended Spanx with a low or regular waist, mid-thigh cut and super control strength. The material is very lightweight, durable and easily concealed under clothing. Spanx are available at www.Spanx.com and in many department stores.

Ashima Singal graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She is completing her urology residency at Cooper University in Camden, New Jersey. Singal is also a Captain in the Philadelphia National Guard.

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