Dairy is Scary

Categories: Spring 2023

Dairy foods, calcium intake, and risk of incident prostate cancer

Sainte Chapelle P12A Taylor
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A prospective cohort study of 28,737 men who completed food frequency questionnaires and then were followed for cancer incidence by tracking them in cancer registries compared men in the bottom 10 percent to men in the top 10 percent. Those in the top ten percent had a significantly greater risk of prostate cancer (27%), and a 38% greater risk of advanced prostate cancer. Compared to men who had zero dairy intake, the risk was 62% higher. They found no increased risk associated with nondairy calcium intake. Conclusion: Dairy is scary! Men should consume non-dairy sources of calcium (e.g., plant milk alternatives, kale, broccoli, chia seeds, tofu– many of these are also known to be beneficial for prostate health).

Am J Clinical Nutrition 2022; 116: 314

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