Finding Better Ways to Predict Prostate Cancer Risk for Black Men

Categories: Spring 2021

Adam B. Murphy, MD, MBA, MSCI is Assistant Professor in the Department of Urology & Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University. He is Principal Investigator of a new study seeking to develop a genetic panel specifically to predict lethal prostate cancer in Black men. Dr. Murphy’s study is using data from an earlier epidemiological study funded by the National Institute of Minority Health & Health Disparities to develop this risk calculator.

murphy 200
Dr. Adam B. Murphy

Dr. Murphy and his collaborators, including partner Principal Investigator Dr. Peter Gann from University of Illinois- Chicago, are validating this new risk calculator in 400 prospectively recruited Black men from Northwestern Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago and Cook County Health.

Dr. Murphy described the potential impact of this work: “Other popular prostate cancer risk calculators over-predict the risk of Gleason Grade group 2-5 prostate cancer in Black men, which would lead to excessive unnecessary prostate biopsies. We hope that this calculator will reduce the number of unnecessary prostate biopsies.”

Dr. Catalona has served as one of the mentors for Dr. Murphy’s grants on Black men.




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