Strung on Hope:

Helping to Cure Cancer One Bead at a Time

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Drew Soffer (left) and Sydney Addis (right), co-owners of Strung on Hope
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Strung on Hope bracelets

Sydney Addis and Drew Soffer started Strung on Hope when they were only 15 years old. They make and sell gemstone bracelets, then donate a portion of their profits to cancer organizations.

Addis and Soffer are committed to helping cure cancer because their families have been affected by the disease. Soffer’s mother and aunts have had breast cancer. Addis’ father is a prostate cancer survivor and one of Dr. Catalona’s patients. Strung on Hope has donated to several cancer organizations, including the URF.

Addis and Soffer are full-time high school students in Deerfield, Illinois, and believe they better understand the importance of teamwork and perseverance because they started a business while in high school. They hope Strung on Hope has a positive impact in their community, and that other young people will find creative ways to make a difference.

Strung on Hope bracelets are sold at

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