Maximum tumor diameter provides information before treatment

Categories: Winter 2022

Maximum tumor diameter on pretreatment MRI has the potential to provide further information to men with prostate cancer before definitive treatment.

This retrospective analysis included a cohort of 631 patients. Analysis identified 4 prognostic groups for patients treated with radical prostatectomy (RP), and 2 prognostic groups in those treated with radiotherapy. In the RP cohort, low/intermediate risk group patients with maximum tumor diameter 15 mm or more had significantly worse progression-free survival than those with maximum tumor diameter less than 14 mm. High-risk patients with radiographic extracapsular tumor extension had significantly worse progression-free survival than those without extracapsular extension. In the radical prostatectomy cohort, progression-free survival was significantly worse in the cohort with maximum tumor dimension 23 mm or more than those less than 23 mm.

Radiographic maximum tumor diameter may be a useful tool for patients with local/regional prostate cancer.

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