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MDV3100, Abiraterone and Alpharadin

Categories: Summer/Fall 2012

Expanded Access to MDV3100

Access to MDV3100 has been expanded to clinical studies in 10 states.

QUEST reported on MDV3100 in its Spring 2011 issue: MDV3100 represents a major advance in the hormonal treatment of patients with apparent castration-resistant prostate cancer. In the Phase 1-2 study, two-thirds of patients had partial remission or stable disease in soft tissue and bone lesions.

The purpose of the new protocol is to provide expanded access to MDV3100 and to monitor its safety in patients with progressive castrationresistant prostate cancer previously treated with docetaxel-based chemotherapy.

All eligible participants receive MDV3100 at no cost and no participants receive a placebo.

Contact email: for more information or phone 855-412-7865.

Please refer to this study by its identifier: NCT01606982.

Abiraterone Continues to Get Good Reports

Findings presented at the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting showed that abiraterone (Zytiga) dramatically slowed the progression of prostate cancer in men who were not yet sick enough to start chemotherapy.

Zytiga is a pill, used along with prednisone and approved by the FDA, to target bone metastases from prostate cancer that no longer respond to conventional hormone therapy. The FDA approved the drug for patients who previously had chemotherapy and had taken docetaxel.

Now, this recent study showed that the treatment is beneficial both in patients who have and those who have not received chemotherapy.

The patients in the clinical trial who received a combination of Zytiga and the sterioid prednisone were 57% less likely to see their cancer advance. The treatment also delayed the onset of pain and the need for chemotherapy.

The clinical study showed a statistical effect significant enough to take the control group off the placebo and instead have them receive Zytiga.

Further information can be obtained by searching on the Internet.article3.1 13

Alpharadin for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Alpharadin™ (radium-223 chloride) is an FDA-approved intravenous radioactive treatment that targets bone metastases from prostate cancer no longer responding to conventional hormone therapy.

It is being proposed for use both in patients who have and those who have not received chemotherapy and may be useful in combination with abiraterone (Zytiga).

Further information can be obtained by searching on the Internet.

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