Men with a high genetic risk for prostate cancer may benefit from a healthy lifestyle

Categories: Winter 2023

The authors studied prostate cancer and its link to genetics. They wanted to see if men with a higher genetic risk of prostate cancer could

lower their risk by living a healthy lifestyle.

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Exercise can be fun.
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They followed 12,411 men for 27 months, studying their genes and lifestyle habits. They used a score to measure genetic risk, polygenic risk score (PRS) and defined a healthy lifestyle as maintaining a healthy weight, performing vigorous exercise, not smoking, and following a healthy diet.

The results showed that some men had a higher genetic risk for prostate cancer. Among those with the highest risk, those who followed a healthy lifestyle had a lower probability of developing very serious prostate cancer. This means that even if genetic factors increase the risk, a healthy lifestyle can still make a difference.

In simpler terms, the study found that if men with a strong family history of prostate cancer eat well, exercise, and take care of themselves, they can reduce their risk of metastatic disease and death

from prostate cancer. This is good news for those at a higher genetic risk.

Urology. June 29, 2022.

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