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Grant Supports Prostate Cancer Research
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Many companies establish foundations to support the research and educational activities of not for profit organizations. Often, these foundations consider supporting organizations recommended by their employees.

James Schneiders , vice-president of Clinical Studies VP of Clinical Studies and R&D Administration. for Astellas Pharma USA, Inc. recommended Dr. Catalona and the Urological Research Foundation be considered for a donation from his company’s foundation. Recently, the URF received notification of funding.

The URF would like to encourage employees to contact the foundations of their employers and recommend the URF be put on the group of potential recipients.

This recent donation from the Astella Foundation will support research to narrow the “regions of interest” in the human genome to individual genes and genetic changes associated with prostate cancer susceptibility and aggressiveness and to share that information with other researchers.

Dr. Catalona has collected blood and tissue samples from hundreds of prostate cancer patients and has carefully catalogued their clinical features for use in genetic studies.

He and his multi-institutional collaborative research group have performed genetic studies in sibling pairs with prostate cancer and have identified several regions of the human genome that contain genes associated with prostate cancer and cancer aggressiveness.

Genes discovered by one research team need to be validated in other populations before the information can be used to develop new tests and treatments for prostate cancer.

Specifically this funding will support sample preparation at Northwestern University, staff support for data management and for providing samples to research collaborators, and manuscript preparation and publication for the sharing of findings.

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