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One Fast Recovery

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“I like to stay active. It’s one of the keys to a happy life.” Danny Oldfield

Danny Oldfield is Dr. Catalona’s patient from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His operation was in October 2010.

Readers might recognize his name because we’ve been featuring his photographs on the front of QUEST.

Now, most appropriately, we’re using a photo essay to tell his patient and post surgery story.

  1. article8.1 13A day before the operation: Danny, Susan & their daughter are at Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

    “All the decisions had been made and we were so relaxed, with so much confidence in Dr. Catalona, that we came a day early and spent it touring Chicago. It was important to me that both my wife and daughter were with me.”

  2. article8.2 4Putting on a good face: Danny gave a thumb’s up when he returned from recovery. He was out of the hospital 3 days later and flew home 2 days after that. The catheter was removed 10 days after the operation. He had a one month follow-up, a six month follow-up and will have an annual checkup every October.

    “Susan and I will celebrate 33 years of marriage on October 6th and we’ve decided this annual trip to Dr. Catalona will be a way for us to enjoy Chicago, celebrate our anniversary and our good fortunes in life.”

  3. article8.3 3Walk. Walk. Walk: Danny took seriously Dr. Catalona’s instructions to walk every 90 minutes. Although the nurses told him it wasn’t necessary, he set his alarm to wake up in the middle of the night so he could walk.

    “The more the better is what I figured.”

  4. article8.4 1Back on the trail: Seven weeks after surgery, at Thanksgiving, Danny was hiking in Arizona.

    “I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving. than with good friends and tough saguaro cactus as our scenic backdrop.”

  5. article8.5 1Back to the bicycle: In January, 2011, he took a mountain bike trip to Pueblo Reservoir south of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    “I took it real easy for awhile and then decided it was time to get back to the hard moving.”

  6. article8.6With ham radio buddies: Also in January, Danny hiked to the top of Mount Herman, Colorado for a HAM radio contest.

    “I’m already in better shape just two months after surgery.”

  7. article8.7Between a rock and a hard place: In February 2011, he and Susan hiked in Yosemite.

    “We’re outdoors people and we wanted to get back to it.”

  8. article8.8The beauty is back: In March 2011 Danny took a photography trip to Canyonlands Nation Park in Utah and captured “False Kiva.”

    “I needed to be in good shape to get to places where I can photograph nature’s incredible views.”

  9. article8.9Only for relaxing: In May 2011, he and Susan took a three-week road trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina.

    “After many hiking and biking trips since my operation, we wanted to enjoy a road trip together to visit family, friends and see new sights.”


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