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For Prostate-Cancer Free African-Americans

Categories: Fall 2001

patientBeing healthy is a gift that can be shared with future generations of African-American males.

Dr. Catalona is inviting prostate-cancer free African-American men to participate in a control group for an important genetic study on prostate cancer and African-American males.

The American Cancer Society reports that “black men are at least 50% more likely to develop prostate cancer than men of other racial and ethnic groups.”

John Witte, a scientist who works on genetic projects with Dr. Catalona, has detected an association between a polymorphism in the gene CYP3A4 and more advanced disease among African-American men.

Dr. Catalona has a strong interest in continuing genetic research connected to African-American males and prostate cancer. He hopes to increase early detection and improve treatment in what appears to be a statistically more aggressive and earlier onset form of prostate cancer in black males than in other ethnic groups.

The criteria for participating in the control group of this study is to be a man of African-American ethnicity who has a record of PSA tests and digital rectal exams which showed no indication of prostate cancer.

Participation involves the time commitment it takes to obtain a blood sample. The research study will pay for any charges associated with obtaining this sample, and, for those in St. Louis, has two office locations for drawing the sample.

Please call 314 362-4241 or 1-800-600-3870 for more information about participation in this study.

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