Prior Antibiotic Use And Its Possible Effect on Prostate Biopsy

Categories: Fall 2010

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Hospitalization for fever or infection should be infrequent in prostate biopsies.

In our *study (Catalona), 5 of 448 men (1.1%) were hospitalized for fever following a prostate biopsy.

Although the number is small, we’d like to know if we could predict and/or prevent this occurrence.

We discovered one contributing factor: those hospitalized appeared to have recent antibiotic use other than those prescribed in preparation for the biopsy.

One possible explanation is that men with a recent history of antibiotic therapy are more vulnerable to persistent infection.

Perhaps, these men should be treated before the biopsy with a broadspectrum antibiotic injected directly into the blood stream or the muscle as opposed to one being taken orally.

In addition, we recommend consideration of delaying a biopsy for 4-6 weeks after completion of prior antibiotic therapy for a recent infection.

*Study supported by the Urological Research Foundation.


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