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Dear Readers of Quest and Friends
Of the Urological Research Foundation

aSansoneWhen Dr. Catalona developed the PSA test, he transformed the way prostate cancer was diagnosed, allowing for earlier detection and the saving of thousands of lives.

Now, he and his research collaborators, supported in good part by the Urological Research Foundation, have used their studies to show that lowering the PSA threshold from 4 to 2.6 will save even more lives.

The recommendation, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, received attention all over the world.

Dr. Catalona has moved his practice from St. Louis to Chicago, but I can assure you that he and the Urological Research Foundation continue their important prostate cancer research work all across the United States.

One of my six sons, Jim, is on the URF Board with me. We support the URF because familial prostate cancer is a big concern for us. We don’t want any of my sons’ generation or my grandsons’ generation to face this horrible disease.

Genetic research is costly. Finding the causes of prostate cancer, developing better methods for treatment, and ultimately preventing prostate cancer all come with a high price tag.

I am asking you to support the life-saving work of the URF with a generous end-of-the-year donation and to remember the URF in your estate planning.

Anthony Sansone, Sr.
President of the Urological Research Foundation


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