Steps per day and all-cause mortality in middle-aged adults

Categories: Summer/Fall 2022

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A report in JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) shows that there is a significant mortality
benefit to those walking at least 7000 steps per day. In the study of more than 2000 Black and
White adults, participants taking at least 7000 steps per day had a 50% to 70% lower risk of
mortality than those taking less than 7000 steps. The intensity of the steps was not associated
with the findings. These participants in the study were followed over a period of ten years. The
full article can be found online:
JAMA Network Open.2021:4(9):e2124516.doi:10.1001/jamnetworkopen.2021.2416.

Message to our readers, if you are physically able to walk 7000 steps per day, it is highly
recommended that you do so for your health and longevity, and it really doesn’t matter how
fast you walk.

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