A Letter From Dr. William Catalona:

We Need Your Help With A Donation to the URF

Categories: Winter 2004

wCatalona gBartschMy research programs for the detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer have been very successful, thanks to the support of my patients, research participants and readers of QUEST.

Also, the genetics of prostate cancer research supported by the URF helps in other cancer research, including breast cancer, melanoma and brain cancer.

In order for my research program to continue at a meaningful pace, I need your help.

I give my personal assurance that I will put your donations to good use for men with prostate cancer and for research to find a cure for prostate cancer.

If you’ve given in the past, please consider giving again.

If you haven’t given before, I hope you will give now.

Please be as generous as you can.

William J. Catalona, MD
Medical Director,
Urological Research Foundation

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