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Pat Prader with his mother and father before his father was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer.

My Father passed away in 1980 from metastatic prostate cancer, only six months after he was diagnosed. Unfortunately, it was still a few years before Dr. William Catalona began directing the research efforts of the URF and before the wide use of PSA testing for early detection of Prostate Cancer and before the publication of the Quest.

Then, in 1987, at the age of 48, through an annual physical exam and follow up biopsy, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. By a fortunate set of circumstances, I found myself in the care of Dr. Catalona. What a blessing to have a nerve sparing, radical prostatectomy done by him. That was 22 years ago, and my PSA test results continue to be zero.

Because of these events, I became a URF volunteer to help support Dr. Catalona’s important research in the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer.

Incredibly, one of my four sons recently developed a high PSA level and a follow-up biopsy showed that he had early stage prostate cancer at age 48, the same age as when I was diagnosed. He has since had a successful radical prostatectomy, also by Dr. Catalona, and has a zero PSA. Now, all four sons are in the Prostate Cancer Genetics Study being conducted by Dr. Catalona and supported by the URF.

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Pat Prader with his children. One of his sons was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the same age he was. Now, all four sons are in Dr. Catalona’s Prostate Cancer Genetics Study.

As recipients of Quest, we are all fortunate to benefit from the information and education that each issue provides, as well as research updates on the progress for early detection and an eventual cure for Prostate Cancer.

To ensure that Quest continues to be available and that the URF is able to keep up with increasing costs associated with research and genetic studies, the Foundation must continue to have the support of our generous donors, no matter what the amount.

To all present supporters of the URF, you should take personal pride in the successes that Dr. Catalona and his research associates have achieved and in the number of lives and families you have already helped to save. To those who have not contributed before, please consider doing so now. You can make a difference!

Please return the enclosed donor envelope, today. I know the URF and Dr. Catalona will appreciate it. In the future, it could be one of your family members whose life you help to save.


J. Patrick Prader

Secretary, Urological Research Foundation

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