In Memoriam of Dr. Andrew Hruszkewycz

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Andrew Hruszkewycz, M.D, Ph.D

The Urological Research Foundation acknowledges the sudden passing of Andrew Hruszkewycz, M.D, Ph.D, on December 16, 2018.

Dr. Hruszkewycz’s career was dedicated to the work of finding a cure for cancer. Most recently, he served as a Program Officer in the National Cancer Institute’s Translational Research Program, a division of the NCI Division of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment that administers the SPORE awards. He managed SPORE grant portfolios for prostate and bladder cancers.

Dr. Hruszkewycz worked closely with Dr. Catalona, the Principal Investigator of Northwestern’s SPORE. Dr. Hruszkewycz’s efforts with SPORE projects focused on helping awardees successfully achieve a real, short-term clinical impact within the five years allotted to the grants. The ultimate goal of SPORE projects is to translate research findings into better patient care.

In a tribute at a recent SPORE program retreat, Adam G. Sowalsky, Ph.D, spoke of Dr. Hruszkewycz’s work with Prostate SPOREs. “He relished being part of the most cutting edge research from the top institutions in the world,” said Dr. Sowalsky. “And though he also worked with other GU SPOREs as part of his portfolio, it was in prostate cancer where his leadership and guidance truly shined, guiding SPORE resources to research groups that have made a difference for men who are diagnosed with or being treated for prostate cancer.”

Adam G. Sowalsky, Ph.D

The National Cancer Institute plans a memorial lecture in honor of Dr. Hruzkewycz in August 2019.

Dr. Hruszkewycz received his M.D./Ph.D degrees at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. His cancer research interests focused on cellular mechanisms that led to the mutation of DNA, specifically in the areas of oxidative damage. His research publications continue to be cited by today’s scholars.

“Dr. Hruszkewycz and I worked together closely for the past four years and became close friends in the process. He was very supportive of our SPORE. I was stunned to learn of his untimely passing, and I miss him.”

– Dr. William J. Catalona

In his free time, Dr. Hruszkewycz enjoyed being with his family, gardening, reading, swimming, nature and living life to its fullest. He leaves behind his wife of 29 years, Christine Zynjuk Hruszkewycz, as well numerous family, friends, and colleagues.

Dr. Hruszkewycz will be greatly missed within the cancer research community. The URF and Dr. Catalona send condolences to his family and friends.

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