Outcomes of adding ADT and pelvic lymph node treatment to prostate bed salvage radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Categories: Summer/Fall 2022
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After radical prostatectomy, in men with still detectable PSA levels, administering salvage
radiation therapy to the prostate bed results in about 70% of patients being free of progression
at 5 years. A three-group randomized trial was designed to determine whether gains in patient
outcomes can be achieved by adding either 4-6 months of short-term androgen deprivation
therapy (ADT) to prostate bed radiotherapy or both short-term ADT and pelvic lymph node
radiotherapy to prostate bed radiotherapy.

The results demonstrated that adding short-term ADT to prostate bed radiation is beneficial
and suggests that the extension of standard postprostatectomy salvage prostate bed radiation
by including radiation to the pelvic lymph nodes with short-term ADT aids in the prevention
prostate cancer progression. Long-term follow-up is continuing.
Lancet 2022 May 14;399(10338)1886-1901

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