QUEST informs readers of the latest advances in urologic prostate cancer research, especially detection, prevention, and treatment.

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Free PSA Less Helpful for PSA 2.6 to 4

Various components of the PSA Study were featured in presentations for a recent American Urological Association meeting by William J. Catalona, MD; Kimberly Roehl, MPH; and JoAnn Antenor, BS. We thought the QUEST readers would be interested in their findings….

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Progress in Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research

“Now, we almost never diagnose prostate cancer with distant metastates” Dr. Catalona was the keynote speaker for the Florida Cancer Education Network’s Gala 2001. Other participants included Senator Connie Mack and Senator Bob Dole (via videotape). Dr. Catalona’s speech on…

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Latest Developments in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Taking the Information Plunge… Each year, Dr. Catalona presents a course at the American Urological Association Meeting in which he reviews selected articles from the medical literature to update urologists on the latest developments in prostate cancer treatment. We thought…

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Genetic Research on Prostate Cancer

Different From Other Diseases: “Genes interact in ways we don’t understand.” While the methods and goals of genetic research are similar, the diseases are not. Prostate cancer has its own set of circumstances with which genetic researchers have to contend….

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A Surgeon’s View: Why Genetics? Why Now?

“Genetics is going to revolutionize the practice of medicine.” In a brief look back at his career, surgeon William Catalona answers the question of why genetics is the next tool for researching the causes of and treatments for prostate cancer….

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