Thank You, Quest Photographers!

Categories: Spring 2021

Dr. Catalona, QUEST editor Betsy Haberl, and the URF Board wish to express our deepest gratitude to the photographers that have generously contributed images for use in QUEST. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us!

Alan Finesilver, M.D. — Madison, WI

Alan Finesilver My dad owned a photoshop in Hartford, CT, where I grew up. I got into photography because he was able to supply the cameras and film, which was helpful.

Photography is a good combination of science and art, and you can get something that endures. I particularly like doing outdoor photography of wildlife, especially of Wisconsin’s native water birds. Also, I am a prostate cancer survivor. Taking photographs during my recovery was helpful.

I contribute photos to QUEST because I’ve known Dr. Catalona for many years and have long admired him. In addition, having photos in the newsletter is a good way of taking people’s minds off of cancer.

Warren Lawson — Chicago, IL

Warren LawsonI got into photography when digital cameras and software made access to my photos much easier. Photography captures moments that you revisit again and again. Just as important, you can share the photos with others who were not there in person.

I share photographs with QUEST because I have seen photos others have shared and I know they will appreciate my photos as well. There is nothing like discussing the moment when you took that photo with someone who appreciates a good photo.

Dan Oldfield — Colorado Springs, CO

Dan OldfieldMy mother purchased a Kodak Instamatic 100 for me when I was eight years old, and I’ve never stopped taking photos since. Photography combines getting me outside and enjoying fantastic and highly advanced cameras. It challenges my creative side and includes much computer post processing, which aligns well with my engineering background.

I freely contribute my photos to QUEST to give back and to show thanks for being the fortunate recipient of Dr. Catalona’s lifelong quest to cure prostate cancer. Now 10 years plus after my surgery, I’m healthy, active, cancer-free and looking forward to many years ahead of enjoying life.

Sanford Radom, M.D. — Carlsbad, CA

Sanford Radom 1As a young boy, growing up in what was then rural Long Island, New York in the 1940s, I had the opportunity to spend time walking among unspoiled and unchanged nature. I tried to convey my impressions of what I was seeing to my family but was never quite successful. Later on, I got a camera and began to photograph those things which moved me. It was my hope that by showing others what I saw they too would begin to appreciate the beauty that was all around them.

At a minimum, photography affords me the opportunity to travel both near and far
to places where I may never have gone.

As a retired physician and prostate cancer survivor, whose surgeon was Dr. William Catalona, I naturally feel a connection to QUEST. I feel fortunate that my photography may, in some way, contribute to the interest of those reading articles in QUEST.

David Taylor — Chicago, IL

David TaylorI got into photography because a classmate at the Julliard School showed up at school with a new Nikon FTN 35mm camera and let me handle it. I love the whole process of photography, including cameras, lenses, creativity, people places, editing, printing, etc.

I contribute photographs to QUEST as a thanks offering to Dr. William Catalona and his entire staff for 11 cancer-free years. I also love to share where I’ve been and what I’ve seen.

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