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From the Spring 2016 Quest
Participating in a research study may seem like a small act, but it can have a large impact. © Dan Oldfield
“Active Surveillance” is a term used for men who have been diagnosed with “low- risk” prostate cancer who have elected not to receive immediate treatment but rather to be monitored to see whether their cancer is more serious than it initially appeared to be.

Studying the genetics of these patients will most likely be the way to find the genes involved in developing aggressive or non- aggressive prostate cancer.

Dr. Catalona* wants active surveillance patients to contact his research group for participation in a prostate cancer genetics study.

If you have been or currently are enrolled in active surveillance for prostate cancer, your participation is of great value.

Patients from across the United States and other countries can participate. With all costs paid by the research project, participation involves providing a simple saliva sample in a container that can be mailed to you and completing a questionnaire about your prostate cancer and your family history. Both are then mailed back to the research center.

Dr. William Catalona

For sign up and study information: Call and leave your name and telephone number and a good time of day to return your call.

The telephone number to call is 312-695-0912.

*Dr. Catalona is the Principal Investigator for the SPORE (Specialized Program of Research Excellence) project called Impact of germline genetic variants on failure of active surveillance for prostate cancer.


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